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June 10, 2021 / by Markus Döring

Monthly Release June 2021

A detailed list of source changes can be found in ChecklistBank where you can also view changes between other releases.

4 new checklists

  • WoRMS Crinoidea
  • WoRMS Nematoda, Nemys
  • WoRMS Brachiopoda (it´s a replacement for Brachiopoda by Emig & al.)
  • WoRMS Euphausiacea (it´s a replacement for ETI Euphausiacea)

71 checklists have been updated

  • ITIS (9th update since AC19; new sectors: family Smarididae, superfamily Calyptostomatoidea, infraorder Stenopodidea)
  • Alucitoidea (5th update)
  • Brassicaceae
  • CCW
  • Pterophoroidea (4th update)
  • ReptileDB
  • Scarabs (10th update)
  • Systema Dipterorum
  • World Ferns (6th update)
  • World Plants (5th update)

including automated updates for: