Current and historical versions of the COL Checklist

Hyposmocoma fractistriata Walsingham, 1907 - Photo CC By Donald Hobern

The COL Checklist version 2024-03-26

You can download the current version of the entire COL Checklist here:

Please read the information on the available formats if you are unlcear which one to use. For versions from previous months, please visit the COL downloads site. ChecklistBank also offers partial downloads if you are only interested in a certain group of the checklist. Please note that this requires a free GBIF user account.

Historical versions of the COL Checklist

The Catalogue of Life Checklist has been released each year since 2000 (excluding 2001 and 2020). Every year, COL produces an annual version of the COL Checklist that receives long-term support and becomes part of the yearly archives. Monthly COL Checklists released between annual editions may not be kept indefinitely. These lose support once an annual COL Checklist is issued.

The following links give access to historical versions of the COL Checklist for each year from 2005 to 2019. MySQL dump files can be downloaded for each version from 2005 to 2019 and Darwin Core Archive ZIP files from 2012 to 2019. Since 2021 each release is available in 3 formats and kept for online access in COL Checklist Bank.

Historical versions of the monthly COL Checklist editions

The COL Checklist is updated throughout the year and snapshots are also available for many months from 2017 to the present. Changes in infrastructure have disrupted this series so some intervals are longer than monthly.