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April 05, 2021 / by Yuri Roskov

monthly release April 2021

A detailed list of source changes can be found in ChecklistBank where you can also view changes between other releases.

New sources

Updated sources

47 checklists have been updated:

  • Alucitoidea (third update)
  • ITIS (seventh update since AC19). New global checklists for families Varroidae (Mesostigmata), Cimicidae, Polyctenidae & Acanthosomatidae (Hemiptera), and for infraorders Astacidea, Glypheidea & order Lophogastrida (Malacostraca).
  • Pterophoroidea (third update since AC19)
  • Scarabs (eighth update since AC19)
  • World Ferns (fourth update since AC19)
  • World Plants (third update since AC19)

Plus a pilot update of 41 WoRMS checklists: