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August 30, 2022 / by Markus Döring

Annual Release 2022

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The Catalogue of Life (COL) is the most complete authoritative list of the world’s species, maintained by hundreds of global taxonomists. As a global consortium, we aim to address the needs of researchers, policy-makers, environmental managers and the wider public for a consistent and up-to-date listing of all the world’s known species. We are happy to announce that we have just published the COL Checklist 2022 online!

The COL Checklist 2022 contains well over 2 million accepted species. More than 1.9 million are living species, and the rest are extinct. A large community of taxonomists, over 500 experts globally, representing 165 data sources is underpinning this global species list. Annual releases have long term support and will not be removed, so they continue to be accessible via the API and website of ChecklistBank.

A detailed list of source changes can be found in ChecklistBank where you can also view changes between other releases.

What’s new in 2022 edition?

104 checklists have been updated in a year cycle:

  • 3i Auchenorrhyncha
  • Alucitoidea (3 updates)
  • CarabCat
  • Gelechiidae (new)
  • Global Gracillariidae
  • Global Lepidoptera Index as a successor to LepIndex
  • ICTV
  • ITIS (12 updates) incl. new global checklists for classes Pauropoda and Symphyla (as a replacement for data from WoRMS Myriapoda), for infraorders Caridea & Procarididea, for superfamilies Cheyletoidea & Cloacaroidea; for families Ascidae, Blattisociidae, Cybocephalidae, Dasyponyssidae, Dermanyssidae, Entonyssidae, Erythraeidae, Halarachnidae, Hystrichonyssidae, Leeuwenhoekiidae, Listropsoralgidae, Macronyssidae, Manitherionyssidae, Pachylaelapidae, Raillietiidae, Rhinonyssidae, Spelaeorhynchidae & Trombiculidae
  • Nomen-Eumycetozoa
  • Pterophoroidea (7 updates)
  • ReptileDB
  • Scarabs (12 updates)
  • Species Files, 17 checklists (Aphid, Chrysididae, Cockroach, Coleorrhyncha, Coreoidea, Dermaptera, Embioptera, Grylloblattodea, Isoptera (2 updates), Lygaeoidea, Mantodea, Mantophasmatodea, Orthoptera, Phasmida, Plecoptera, Psocodea, Zoraptera)
  • StaphBase
  • Systema Dipterorum
  • The Scorpion Files
  • ThripsWiki
  • World Checklist of Vascular Plants (WCVP, 115 families) as a successor to World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP)
  • WCVP-Fabaceae (new) as a replacement for ILDIS, WWW, Astragalus & Oxytropis from World Plants
  • World Ferns (6 updates)
  • World Plants (6 updates)
  • World Spider Catalog
  • WoRMS, 65 checklists (12 updates)