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March 21, 2022 / by Markus Döring

Monthly Release March 2022

Permanent identifier: doi:10.48580/dfpd

The Catalogue of Life Team dedicates the March 2022 edition of the COL Checklist to Mil de Reus for 12 years of commitment to facilitating the Species 2000 Secretariat and the Catalogue of Life endeavour.

A detailed list of source changes can be found in ChecklistBank where you can also view changes between other releases.

71 checklists have been updated:

  • Global Gracillariidae
  • ITIS
  • Pterophoroidea
  • Scarabs
  • World Ferns
  • World Plants
  • WoRMS, 65 checklists

Other changes:

  • Subphylum Vertebrata: a new management classification by Nicolas Bailly & al. (2022, unpubl.) introduced.