This name once existed but has been removed

Cavichiana Mejdalani, Quintas, Carvalho & Takiya, 2014

COL Identifier
First issued in release COL21. Last used in release COL23.9
Published in
Mejdalani, G., Quintas, V., Carvalho, R.A. & Takiya, D.M. (2014a) A new genus and new bromelicolous species of Cicadellini (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) from Southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa, 3755(6), 561–572.
Checklist status
Accepted Genus
Tribe: Cicadellini >
Subfamily: Cicadellinae >
Family: Cicadellidae >
Superfamily: Membracoidea >
Infraorder: Cicadomorpha >
Order: Hemiptera >
Class: Insecta >
Phylum: Arthropoda >
Kingdom: Animalia >
Unranked: Biota >