This name once existed but has been removed

Aegomorphus adspersus Blackwelder, 1946

COL Identifier
First issued in release COL20.12. Last used in release COL23.7
Published in
BLACKWELDER Richard Eliott. Checklist of the coleopterous insects of Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and South America. Part 4. Bulletin of the United States National Museum, Washington D. C. 185 (4): 551-763. (1946).
Checklist status
Synonym Species
Species: Aegoschema adspersum >
Genus: Aegoschema >
Family: Cerambycidae >
Superfamily: Chrysomeloidea >
Order: Coleoptera >
Class: Insecta >
Phylum: Arthropoda >
Kingdom: Animalia >
Unranked: Biota >
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