This name once existed but has been removed

Pycnosiphorus lessonii marginipennis (Deyrolle, 1870)

COL Identifier
First issued in release COL20.12. Last used in release COL23.8
Published in
Parry, F. J. S. (1870). A revised catalogue of the Lucanoid Coleoptera with remarks on the nomenclature, and descriptions of new species. Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London :53-118.
Checklist status
Accepted Subspecies
Species: Pycnosiphorus lessonii >
Genus: Pycnosiphorus >
Tribe: Sclerostomini >
Subfamily: Lucaninae >
Family: Lucanidae >
Superfamily: Scarabaeoidea >
Order: Coleoptera >
Class: Insecta >
Phylum: Arthropoda >
Kingdom: Animalia >
Unranked: Biota >