In the 2011 Annual Checklist

There are 22 new taxonomic databases:

• 3i Cicadellinae by D. Takiya & D. Dmitriev,

• 3i Typhlocybinae by D. Dmitriev,

• CunaxidBase by J. den Heyer,

• Dothideomycetes by P.W. Crous,

• Embioptera Species File Online (ESF) by M. Maehr,

• LIAS, a Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes by G. Rambold as the lead editor (LIAS database replaces the lichen taxa previously provided by Species Fungorum),

• Membracoidea of the World Database (MOWD) by S. McKamey,

• Saccharomycetes by L.C. Offord & P.M. Kirk,

• Spider Mites Web (SpmWeb) by A. Migeon & F. Dorkeld,

• WoRMS Asteroidea by C.L. Mah,

• WoRMS Bochusacea by G.A. Boxshall,

• WoRMS Brachypoda by G.A. Boxshall,

• WoRMS Bryozoa by P. Bock & D. Gordon (WoRMS Bryozoa replaces the bryozoan taxa previously provided by ITIS),

• WoRMS Isopoda by M. Schotte, C.B. Boyko, N.L. Bruce, G.C.B. Poore, S. Taiti, G.D.F. Wilson (eds),

• WoRMS Mystacocarida by G.A. Boxshall,

• WoRMS Nemertea by J.L. Norenburg,

• WoRMS Polychaeta by G. Read & K. Fauchald,

• WoRMS Remipedia by S. Koenemann, M. Hoenemann & T. Stemme (eds),

• WoRMS Tantulocarida (families Basipodellidae, Deoterthridae, Doryphallophoridae, Microdajidae) by G.A. Boxshall,

• WoRMS Thermosbaenacea by G. Poore,

• WoRMS World List of Marine Oligochaeta by T. Timm,

• WoRMS Xenoturbellida by S. Gofas



• Systema Dipterorum replaced the former Biosystematic Database of World Diptera (BDWD)


22 taxonomic databases have been updated:

• Aphid Species File,

• Blattodea Species File,

• Conifer Database,

• FishBase,

• Global Compositae Checklist,

• Global Taxonomic Database of Gracillariidae,

• Glomeromycota,

• Home of Xylariaceae,

• Lacistemataceae Holistic Database,

• Mantodea Species File,

• Orthoptera Species File,

• Phasmida Species File,

• Phyllachorales,

• Plecoptera Species File,

• Rhytismatales,

• SalticidDB,

• Species Fungorum,

• Trichomycetes,

• World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP),

• World Scarabaeidae Database,

• Wtaxa,

• Zygomycetes,


Updates in ITIS sectors:

• ITIS phylum Sipuncula replaces data previously provided by URMO.

Following ITIS sectors have also updated:

• Animalia - Arthropoda - Maxillopoda - Calanoida - family Aetideidae (World checklist)

• Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Coleoptera - family Sphaeriusidae

• Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Coleoptera - Cucujoidea - family Corylophidae (N. American checklist)

• Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Coleoptera - Tenebrionoidea - families Mycetophagidae & Tetratomidae (N. American checklists)

• Animalia - Chordata - Mammalia - Carnivora - Canidae - species Vulpes vulpes


Changes in the management classification:

• Fungi classification has been changed, and it is now compatible with the 10th edition of the Dictionary of the Fungi (Kirk, Cannon, Minter & Stalper, 2008 - CABI)

• The hierarchy of the Animalia phyla has changed following recommendations from a panel of experts led by M. Ruggiero, D. Gordon and N. Bailly, with technical assistance from D. Nicolson.


Additional data has been contributed:

• Aljos Farjon (Conifer Database) contributed over 4,000 new Conifer common names in 20 languages as a result of his 4D4Life pilot project.

• Paul Schoolmeesters (Scarabs database) contributed 11,720 new species from the family Melolonthidae as a result of his 4D4Life pilot project.


Other improvements:

ILDIS common names records have been atomized by names, languages and countries of usage.


New content feature:

A full list of citations for the contributing databases, using the recommended style, is now available from the how to cite page at These may be used for copying & pasting such citations.