The Catalogue of Life Programme thanks all those organisations that have contributed to the funding. In particular it thanks the European Commission DG-INFSO for our own two e-Infrastructure Projects - 4D4Life (2009-2012) and i4Life (2010-2013) - as well as contributions via EC EDIT NoE, EC KeyToNature, EC BHL-Europe, and EC OpenUp! We further thank NBII, the Smithsonian Institution and EoL in the USA, University of Reading (Centre for Plant Diversity & Systematics) and Cardiff University in the UK, the SeaLifeBase Project and FIN in the Philippines, NIES in Japan, and ETI Bioinformatics in the Netherlands.

The Catalogue of Life Programme thanks all of the 100 organisations that continue to contribute taxonomic expertise. This year we especially thank David Eades (principal database developer of Species Files), Ward Appeltans (data manager of WoRMS), and Paul Kirk (coordinator of fungal databases). We acknowledge all of the people from the GSD community who provided us with valuable support in data export and transformation this year: Dagmar Triebel and Markus Weiss; as well as those acknowledged in the three preceding years: Angel Anta, Guy Baillargeon, Vanderlei Perez Canhos, Rosario Dioguardi, Richard Flood, Johannes Goll, Anton Güntsch, Sergey Jezniakowsky, Alexander Kroupa, Antonella Linguanti, Silvia Lusa, Bart Vanhoorne and Lisa Walley.

We thank Richard White and Francisco Quevedo Fernandez for their work on the LSID Resolver, and Rebecca Mann at the Secretariat for distributing DVD copies around the world and handling requests.

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