The Catalogue of Life (CoL) thanks Naturalis in the Netherlands, the US Geological Survey, the Smithsonian Institution and the Illinois Natural History Survey in the USA, FIN in the Philippines, and Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences in China. We further thank all those organisations and individuals that contributed to the CoL, and the European Commission for funding the network and infrastructure development projects: EuroCat (EVR1-CT-2002-20011, 2003-2006), 4D4Life (FP7-238988, 2009-2012) and i4Life (FP7-261555, 2010-2013). The infrastructure project (named CoL+) is made possible in collaboration with GBIF through financial contributions of NLBIF (Natu170727hv1, 2017-2019), GBIF, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Species 2000/Catalogue of Life.

The Catalogue of Life Programme thanks all of over 150 organisations that continue to contribute taxonomic expertise. We acknowledge all of the people from the GSD community who provided us with valuable support in data export and transformation this and preceding years: Matthew Clapham, Christine Johnson, Dmitry Mozzherin, Daniel Gloor, Eli Agbayani, Yde de Jong, Simon Woodman, Timalka Kalubowila, Michael Hassler, Viktoras Didžiulis, Heimo Rainer, Alexander Kroupa, Bart Vanhoorne, Leen Vandepitte, Hernán Pereira, Marilyn Beckman, Dagmar Triebel, Adrian Hine, Angel Anta, Michael Malicky, Ward Appeltans, Guy Baillargeon, Vanderlei Perez Canhos, Rosario Dioguardi, Richard Flood, Johannes Goll, Anton Güntsch, Sergey Jezniakowsky, Antonella Linguanti, Silvia Lusa, Lisa Walley and Markus Weiss. We also acknowledge programmers who contributed in the software development in the past: Jorrit van Hertum (CoL interface), Richard White (Taxon Matcher), Viktoras Didžiulis (CoL Workbench), Gideon Gijswijt, Dennis Seijts, Ayco Holleman, Núria Torrescasana Aloy. We thank Ari Örn for his remarkable HtmlToUnicode converter.

The Catalogue of Life would like to express gratitude to all authors of databases who kindly contributed data in the past: CephBase by James Wood, Catriona Day & Ron O'Dor (2000-2005), AlgaeBase by Michael Guiry (2000-2012), FWCrabs by Célio Magalhães (2010-2012), Rosaceae checklist by Richard Pankhurst✝ via IOPI-GPC (2006-2013), EbenaBase by Bruno Wallnöfer (2012-2014), Melastomataceae.Net by Susanne Renner with colleagues (2012-2014), World Umbellifer Database by Mark Watson (2012-2014), BIOS database by Junko Shimura with colleagues (2000-2015), SalticidDB by Jerzy Prószyński (2010-2015), SpidCat: The World Spider Catalog by Norman Platnick (2006-2015), SCaDs: Selected Caryophyllales databases by Magda Sitko with colleagues (2013-2015), WoRMS Acanthocephala by David Gibson (2015), AFD Pulmonata by Brian Smith with colleagues (2002-2016), MolluscaFW: World Checklist of Freshwater Mollusca by Mary Seddon & Ben Rowson (2013-2016), FADA World checklist of freshwater Bivalvia species by Arthur Bogan (2013-2016), Global Compositae Checklist by Christina Flann with colleagues (2010-2017), URMO: UNESCO-IOC Register of Marine Organisms by Jacob van der Land✝ (2000-2017), World checklist of freshwater Copepoda species by Geoff Boxshall & Danielle Defaye (2009-2017), IOPI Global Plant Checklist by Karen Wilson & Walter Berendsohn with colleagues (2000-2017), Solanaceae Source by Sandra Knapp with colleagues (2009-2017), ChenoBase by Johannes Walter (2012-2017), Lacistemataceae Holistic Database by Fiona Young (2009-2017), The Lecythidaceae Pages by Scott Mori, Ghillean Prance & Melissa Tulig (2007-2017), FADA World checklist of freshwater Turbellaria species by Tom Artois with colleagues (2013-2017), Fauna Europaea: subphylum Turbellaria (Platyhelminthes) by Carolina Noreña & Anno Faubel (2015-2017), 3i Cicadellinae & 3i Typhlocybinae by Dmitry Dmitriev (2011-2017; both evolved into 3i Auchenorrhyncha), SysMyr by Jörg Spelda (2007-2018; it evolved into MilliBase).

Our very special thanks go to former CoL database managers Monalisa Cachuela-Palacio (2002-2005) and Luvie Paglinawan (2006-2013), to database manager assistant Jeremiah Jansalin (2013-2017), to former CoL editorial assistant Thomas Kunze (2013-2014), to former CoL systems managers Peter Brewer (2006-2007) and Viktoras Didžiulis (2009-2013), to valuable member of the Secretariat Christina Flann (2014-2016). We acknowledge all people, who kindly help us with translation of user interface in different languages: David Ouvrard & Nicolas Bailly (French), Francisco Quevedo Fernandez & Carlos Aedo Pérez (Spanish), Li-Song Wang & Li-Qiang Ji (Chinese), Marina Novoselova (Russian), Dora Ann Langes Canhos (Portuguese), Wouter Addink (Dutch), Phuripong Meksuwan (Thai), Dang Mau Trinh (Vietnamese), Viktoras Didžiulis (Lithuanian), Magdalena Sitko (Polish) and Thomas Kunze (German). We thank Mil de Reus at the Species 2000 Secretariat for distributing DVD copies around the world and handling requests.