Database Details : Mites GSDs: PhytoseiidBase

Full name: Mites GSDs: PhytoseiidBase
Short name: PhytoseiidBase
Version: Sep 2009
Release date: 2009-09-24
Authors/editors: Castilho R.C., Narita J.P.Z., Moraes G.J. de & McMurtry J.A.
Taxonomic coverage: Animalia - Arthropoda - Arachnida - Mesostigmata - Phytoseioidea - Phytoseiidae
English name of the group: Phytoseiid mites
Number of living species 2,186
Number of living infraspecific taxa 0
Number of extinct species: 0
Number of extinct infraspecific taxa: 0
Number of synonyms: 234
Number of common names: 0
Total number of names: 2,420
Abstract: The Phytoseiidae are predatory mites found mostly on plants, playing an important role in the control of mite and small insect pests. This database was prepared based mostly on information summarized by Moraes et al. (1986, 2004), updated to include the new species described in the last 5 years and in accordance with the publications by Chant & McMurtry (2003-2007). It provides information on the 2186 species names.
Organization: Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz" (ESALQ), Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Bibliographic citation: Castilho R.C., Narita J.P.Z., Moraes G.J. de & McMurtry J.A. (2018). Mites GSDs: PhytoseiidBase (version Sep 2009). In: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2018 Annual Checklist (Roskov Y., Abucay L., Orrell T., Nicolson D., Bailly N., Kirk P.M., Bourgoin T., DeWalt R.E., Decock W., De Wever A., Nieukerken E. van, Zarucchi J., Penev L., eds.). Digital resource at Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. ISSN 2405-884X.