2011 Annual Checklist DVD front cover
This release of the Catalogue of Life contains contributions from 168 taxonomic databases with information on 1,744,204 living and 59,284 extinct species, 158,147 living and 561 extinct infraspecific taxa which belong to 175,363 genera, 11,716 families, 1,523 orders, 352 classes, 101 phyla and 7 kingdoms plus viruses, it also includes 1,638,520 synonyms and 428,289 common names, and covering the following groups:

Viruses • Viruses and Subviral agents from ICTV_MSL

Bacteria and Archaea from ITIS Global UPDATED!

Chromista • Chromistan fungi from Species Fungorum UPDATED! • Foraminifers from WoRMS Foraminifera UPDATED!

Protozoa • Major groups from ITIS Regional UPDATED! • Ciliates from CilCat • Polycystines from WoRMS Polycystina UPDATED! • Protozoan fungi from Species Fungorum UPDATED! and Trichomycetes UPDATED! • Microsporidians from Microsporidia UPDATED! • Slime moulds from Nomen.eumycetozoa.com UPDATED!

Fungi • Various taxa in whole or in part from CABI Bioservices databases (Species Fungorum UPDATED!, Phyllachorales UPDATED!, Rhytismatales UPDATED!, Saccharomycetes UPDATED! and Zygomycetes UPDATED!) and from four other databases covering Xylariaceae UPDATED!, Glomeromycota UPDATED!, Trichomycetes UPDATED!, Dothideomycetes UPDATED! • Lichens from LIAS

Plantae (Plants) • Mosses from MOST • Liverworts and hornworts from ELPT UPDATED! • Ferns and fern-allies from World Ferns UPDATED! • Cycads from The World List of Cycads • Conifers from Conifer Database • 113 flowering plant families from WCSP UPDATED! and 294 families from World Plants UPDATED! • Plus individual flowering plant families from AnnonBase, Brassicaceae, Droseraceae Database, ILDIS, WWW UPDATED!, RJB Geranium UPDATED!.

Animalia (Animals) • Marine groups from ITIS Global UPDATED!, ETI WBD (Euphausiacea), Brachiopoda Database UPDATED!, Phoronida Database UPDATED!, WoRMS Antipatharia NEW!, WoRMS Appendicularia NEW!, WoRMS Ascidiacea NEW!, WoRMS Asteroidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Bochusacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Brachypoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Brachyura UPDATED!, WoRMS Bryozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Cephalochordata UPDATED!, WoRMS Ceriantharia NEW!, WoRMS Cestoda, WoRMS Chaetognatha UPDATED!, WoRMS Copepoda NEW!, WoRMS Corallimorpharia NEW!, WoRMS Ctenophora NEW!, WoRMS Cubozoa NEW!, WoRMS Cumacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Echinoidea UPDATED!, , WoRMS Foraminifera UPDATED!, WoRMS Gastrotricha UPDATED!, WoRMS Gnathostomulida UPDATED!, WoRMS Hexacoral NEW!, WoRMS Holothuroidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Hydrozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Isopoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Kinorhyncha UPDATED!, WoRMS Leptostraca UPDATED!, WoRMS Loricifera NEW!, WoRMS Merostomata UPDATED!, WoRMS MilliBase NEW!, WoRMS Mollusca, WoRMS Monogenea, WoRMS Mystacocarida UPDATED!, WoRMS Myxozoa, WoRMS Nemertea UPDATED!, WoRMS Octocorallia UPDATED!, WoRMS Oligochaeta UPDATED!, WoRMS Ophiuroidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Orthonectida UPDATED!, WoRMS Ostracoda NEW!, WoRMS Placozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Polychaeta UPDATED!, WoRMS Polycystina UPDATED!, WoRMS Porifera UPDATED!, WoRMS Priapulida UPDATED!, WoRMS PycnoBase NEW!, WoRMS Remipedia UPDATED!, WoRMS Rhombozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Scleractinia NEW!, WoRMS Scyphozoa NEW!, WoRMS Staurozoa NEW!, WoRMS Tanaidacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Tantulocarida UPDATED!, WoRMS Thaliacea NEW!, WoRMS Thermosbaenacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Trematoda, WoRMS Turbellarians NEW!, WoRMS Xenoturbellida UPDATED!, WoRMS Zoantharia NEW! • Rotifers, mayflies, freshwater hairworms, planarians, water fleas and aquatic mites from FADA databases: FADA Rotifera, FADA Ephemeroptera, FADA Nematomorpha, FADA Cladocera & FADA Halacaridae • Entoprocts, water bears from ITIS Global UPDATED! • Spiders, scorpions, ticks & mites from WSC UPDATED!, The Scorpion Files, ITIS Global UPDATED!, TicksBase, SpmWeb BdelloideaBase & Mites GSDs: OlogamasidBase, PhytoseiidBase, RhodacaridBase & TenuipalpidBase • Centipedes from ChiloBase • Dragonflies and damselflies from Odonata database • Stoneflies from SF Plecoptera UPDATED! • Cockroaches from SF Cockroach UPDATED! • Termites from SF Isoptera NEW! • Praying mantids from SF Mantodea UPDATED! • Stick and leaf insects from SF Phasmida UPDATED! • Ice crawlers from SF Grylloblattodea UPDATED! • Earwigs from SF Dermaptera UPDATED! • Grasshoppers, locusts, katydids and crickets from SF Orthoptera UPDATED! • Rock crawlers, gladiators from SF Mantophasmatodea UPDATED! • Webspinners from SF Embioptera UPDATED! • Zorapterans from SF Zoraptera UPDATED! • Bark & parasitic lices from SF Psocodea UPDATED! • Some groups of true bugs from ScaleNet, FLOW UPDATED!, COOL UPDATED!, Psyllist UPDATED!, SF Aphid UPDATED!, MBB, SF Coleorrhyncha NEW!, 3i Auchenorrhyncha NEW!, MOWD, SF Coreoidea UPDATED!, The White-Files UPDATED!, Tessaratomidae Database UPDATED!, Lace Bugs Database UPDATED!, PBI Plant Bug & SF Lygaeoidea UPDATED! • Twisted-wing parasites from Strepsiptera Database UPDATED! • Lacewings, antlions, owlflies, fishflies, dobsonflies & snakeflies from LDL NSW UPDATED! • Some beetle groups from the Scarabs UPDATED!, TITAN, WTaxa, Brentids UPDATED!, 3i Curculio UPDATED!, CarabCat UPDATED!, Jewel Beetles NEW! & ITIS Global UPDATED! • Fleas from Parhost • Flies, mosquitoes, bots, midges and gnats from Systema Dipterorum, CCW & CIPA • Butterflies and moths from LepIndex, GloBIS (GART), Tineidae NHM, Global Gracillariidae, Nepticuloidea, Pterophoroidea NEW! • Bees & wasps from ITIS Bees, Taxapad Ichneumonoidea, UCD, ZOBODAT Vespoidea, HymIS UPDATED! & SF Chrysididae UPDATED! • Fishes from FishBase UPDATED! • Reptiles from ReptileDB • Amphibians, birds and mammals from ITIS Global UPDATED!

PLUS additional species of various taxa from ITIS Regional UPDATED!, NZIB, CoL China, extinct taxa from PaleoBioDB UPDATED!, and missing parts of the classification down to genus level from IRMNG NEW!

The Catalogue of Life Editors

The Catalogue of Life combines the outputs of the Species 2000 and the ITIS programmes. Assembly and publication of the Catalogue of Life is managed by Yuri Roskov in Champaign, working with colleagues around the world.

Yuri Roskov, Catalogue of Life Executive Editor at the Species 2000 Office in Species File Group, Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois, Champaign IL, USA.

Luisa Abucay, Catalogue of Life Database Manager at the CoL Philippines Office, FIN, Los Baños, Philippines.

Thomas Orrell, ITIS Deputy Director, ITIS Secretariat, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA.

David Nicolson, ITIS Data Development Leader, USGS, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA.

Nicolas Bailly, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for Marine sectors at Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

Paul Kirk, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for Fungi and Chromista sectors at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, UK.

Thierry Bourgoin, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for Insects at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France.

Edward DeWalt, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for Aquatic Insects at the Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois, Champaign IL, USA.

Wim Decock, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for marine taxa (WoRMS) at the Flanders Marine Data Centre, VLIZ, Oostende, Belgium

Aaike De Wever, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for freshwater taxa (FADA) at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.

Erik van Nieukerken, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for lepidopteran taxa at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, the Netherlands.

James Zarucchi, Taxonomic Editorial Advisor for vascular plants at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis MO, USA.

Lyubomir Penev, Advisor for editorial and publishing logistics at Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Catalogue of Life Assembly Team at FIN, Los Baños, Philippines.

Luisa Abucay, Catalogue of Life Database Manager.

Jeremiah Jansalin, Assistant for Catalogue of Life Database Manager (until September 2017).

The Catalogue of Life Software Development Team at Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands

Wouter Addink, general management.

Ruud Altenburg, software support and development.

Hugo van Duijn, systems administration.

• DVD project: Daphne Duin (project manager), Maarten Schermer (installer for Windows), Ruud Altenburg (installer for Mac), Foppe Pieters (installer for Linux), Paul Klinkenberg (booklet design and DVD production).

Photo on the cover:

Jewel beetle Chrysochroa fulminans from Phuket, Thailand, 2012 by ©Kim Y. Seng (Captain Kimo).