Source databases

The data in current edition of the Catalogue of Life have been provided by 167 resources. Most datasets include one or more global species database sectors (GSDs), i.e. datasets being developed to cover all of the world's species in a particular group of organisms. Several datasets provide regional information for groups not yet covered globally. The datasets result from collaboration and editing by many expert taxonomists, whose names are found in the datasets themselves. A brief summary is listed below giving: database name; home page address; the author(s) or editor(s); host organisation; the group for which data are provided, preceded by its higher classification; and the number of species and infraspecific taxa included in this checklist.

Database Qualifiers
In the Catalogue of Life we introduce "Database Qualifiers" which shown in the interface. Qualifiers give users a quick guide to the reliability of presented data. Qualifiers have been given by authors/editors of each database and appear on the Database Details page, and alongside, with the database name on each Species Details page. Qualifiers reflect data reliability in the Catalogue of Life only, and are not applicable to the original view of the database through its own website. Qualifiers include:

• Geographic Coverage (values G for "Global" and R for "Regional")
• Taxonomic Completeness (values 1 - 100%)
• Checklist Confidence (values , see below for details)
- Caution! This data set does not contain well-scrutinised taxonomic checklist, and in parts may be a list of taxonomically unvetted names only. However, it is used temporarily by the Catalogue of Life to fill major gaps as only available source at the time. See database abstract for more details.
- Caution! This data set is a scrutinised taxonomic checklist, but it is incomplete and at an early stage of its development. See database abstract for more details.
- This is a well-scrutinised taxonomic checklist, but it is restricted to a subset of species by geography (regional database), or sector of biological discipline (e.g. thematic database in particular ecological area, conservation, quarantine, pest and disease control, medicine or molecular biology, etc). This data set was included in the Catalogue of Life to fill gaps at lower levels of the taxonomic classification (e.g. species, genera) as temporarily solution. See database abstract for more details.
- This is a nearly complete and fully scrutinised taxonomic checklist with a good quality of expertise at the current stage of its development.
- This is a complete and fully scrutinised taxonomic checklist for an entire taxon with a high quality of expertise and frequent updates, which covers nearly all known species diversity in the taxon worldwide.

Source database ascending English name of the group Living species Extinct species
3i Auchenorrhyncha: World Auchenorrhyncha Database Cicadas, leafhoppers & treehoppers 10,451 522
3i Curculio: 3i taxonomic databases, Curculionidae, subfamily Entiminae Broad-nosed weevils 13,483 23
AnnonBase: Annonaceae GSD Custard apples 2,440 0
BdelloideaBase: Bdellid & Cunaxid Databases Bdellid and cunaxid mites 664 0
Brachiopoda Database Lamp-shells 396 0
Brassicaceae: Brassicaceae species checklist and database Crucifers, mustard or cabbage family 3,778 0
Brentids: Brentidae of the World Straight-snouted weevils 1,755 0
CarabCat: Global database of ground beetles Ground beetles 39,358 408
CCW: Catalogue of Craneflies of the World Craneflies 14,733 0
ChiloBase: A World Catalogue of Centipedes (Chilopoda) for the Web Centipedes 3,145 0
CilCat: The World Ciliate Catalog Ciliates 8,613 0
CIPA: Computer Aided Identification of Phlebotomine sandflies of Americas Phlebotomine sandflies 396 0
CoL Management Classification Biota 0 0
ColeorrhynchaSF: Coleorrhyncha Species File Fossilised moss bugs 0 66
Conifer Database Conifers 615 0
COOL: Cercopoidea Organised On Line Froghoppers 2,624 0
Dothideomycetes: Dothideomycetes - saprobic or parasitic ascolocular ascomycetes 5,124 0
Droseraceae Database Sundew family 179 0
ELPT: Early Land Plants Today Liverworts, hornworts 7,427 229
ETI WBD (Euphausiacea): World Biodiversity Database (Euphausiacea) Krill 86 0
FADA Cladocera: World checklist of freshwater Cladocera species Water fleas 1,043 0
FADA Ephemeroptera: World checklist of freshwater Ephemeroptera species Mayflies 3,341 0
FADA Halacaridae: World checklist of freshwater Halacaridae species Aquatic mites 59 0
FADA Nematomorpha: World checklist of freshwater Nematomorpha species Freshwater hairworms 356 0
FADA Rotifera: Annotated checklist of the rotifers (Phylum Rotifera) Rotifers 2,014 0
FishBase Fishes 33,932 0
FLOW: Fulgoromorpha Lists On the WEB Planthoppers 13,151 315
Fossil Ginkgoales Ginkgos 0 332
Global Gracillariidae: Global Taxonomic Database of Gracillariidae Gracillariid moths 1,855 0
GloBIS (GART): Global Butterfly Information System Hairstreaks, blues, coppers, swallowtails and whites 8,001 0
Glomeromycota: Phylogeny and taxonomy of Glomeromycota (arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) and related fungi) Glomeromycota 284 0
Gymnodinium: The dinoflagellate genus Gymnodinium checklist 228 31
HymIS: Hymenoptera Information SysteHymenoptera Information System Crabronids, spider-hunting and rhopalosomatid wasps 13,791 4
ICTV_MSL: International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses / Master Species List Viruses and subviral agents 3,186 0
ILDIS: ILDIS World Database of Legumes Legumes 16,371 0
ITIS Bees: ITIS World Bee Checklist Bees 20,446 0
ITIS Global: The Integrated Taxonomic Information System Wide range of global taxonomic checklists of different taxa 101,205 2
Jewel Beetles: The World of Jewel Beetles Jewel beetles 14,718 176
Lace Bugs Database: Lace Bugs Database (Hemiptera: Tingidae) Lace bugs 2,338 13
LDL Neuropterida: Neuropterida Species of the World Lacewings, antlions, owlflies, fishflies, dobsonflies, snakeflies and relatives 6,556 981
LepIndex: LepIndex: The Global Lepidoptera Names Index Butterflies and moths 135,004 0
LIAS: A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes Lichens 9,602 0
MBB: Moss Bug Base Moss bugs 32 0
Microsporidia: Microsporidia: Unicellular spore-forming protozoan parasites Microsporidians 1,222 0
MOST: Moss TROPICOS Database Mosses 13,362 0
MOWD: MOWD: Membracoidea of the World Database Treehoppers and leafhoppers 15,387 0
Nepticuloidea: Nepticulidae and Opostegidae of the World Pigmy moths & white eyecap moths 1,055 18 An online nomenclatural information system of Eumycetozoa Slime molds 1,218 0
Odonata: Global Species Database of Odonata Dragonflies and damselflies 5,912 0
OlogamasidBase: Mites GSDs: OlogamasidBase Ologamasid mites 446 0
PaleoBioDB: The Paleobiology Database Trilobites, belemnites 0 14,209
Parhost: Parhost World Database of Fleas Fleas 2,047 0
PBI Plant Bug: On-line Systematic Catalog of Plant Bugs (Insecta: Heteroptera: Miridae) Plant bugs 11,138 0
Phoronida Database Horseshoe worms 19 0
Phyllachorales Tropical tar-spot fungi 1,311 0
PhytoseiidBase: Mites GSDs: PhytoseiidBase Phytoseiid mites 2,186 0
Psyllist: Psylloidea database Jumping plant lice 3,568 52
Pterophoroidea: Catalogue of the Pterophoroidea of the World Plume moths 1,463 0
ReptileDB: The Reptile Database Reptiles 10,233 0
RhodacaridBase: Mites GSDs: RhodacaridBase Rhodacarid mites 145 0
Rhytismatales Tar-spot fungi 769 0
RJB Geranium: Geranium Taxonomic Information System Cranesbills, geraniums 320 0
Saccharomycetes: Saccharomycetes - ascomycetous yeast forming fungi Ascomycetous yeast forming fungi 1,086 0
ScaleNet: Systematic Database of the Scale Insects of the World Scale insects 7,088 0
Scarabs: World Scarabaeidae Database UPDATED! Scarab beetles 39,529 280
SF Aphid: Aphid Species File Aphids and allied groups 5,247 321
SF Chrysididae: Chrysididae Species File Cuckoo wasps or emerald wasps 190 7
SF Cockroach: Cockroach Species File Cockroaches 4,649 0
SF Coreoidea: Coreoidea Species File Leatherbugs 3,107 12
SF Dermaptera: Dermaptera Species File Earwigs 1,894 48
SF Embioptera: Embioptera Species File Webspinners 398 17
SF Grylloblattodea: Grylloblattodea Species File Ice crawlers 34 541
SF Isoptera: Isoptera Species File Termites 2,919 144
SF Lygaeoidea: Lygaeoidea Species File Seed bugs 4,272 113
SF Mantodea: Mantodea Species File Praying mantids 2,490 26
SF Mantophasmatodea: Mantophasmatodea Species File Gladiators or rock crawlers 19 6
SF Orthoptera: Orthoptera Species File Grasshoppers, locusts, katydids, crickets 27,344 767
SF Phasmida: Phasmida Species File Stick and leaf insects 3,284 0
SF Plecoptera: Plecoptera Species File Stoneflies 3,691 247
SF Psocodea: Psocodea Species File Bark lices & parasitic lices 10,963 121
SF Zoraptera: Zoraptera Species File Zorapterans 43 9
Species Fungorum Fungi; protozoan fungi; chromistan fungi 115,207 0
SpmWeb: Spider Mites Web Spider mites 1,265 0
StaphBase: Staphyliniformia world catalog database Rove beetles, clown beetles & water scavenger beetles 75,180 614
Strepsiptera Database: Global Strepsiptera Database Twisted-winged parasites 602 11
Systema Dipterorum Flies, mosquitoes, bots, midges and gnats 138,164 0
Taxapad Ichneumonoidea Ichneumonid and braconid wasps 42,362 0
TenuipalpidBase: Mites GSDs: TenuipalpidBase Tenuipalpid mites 887 0
Tessaratomidae Database: Illustrated catalog of Tessaratomidae Tessaratomids 255 1
The Scorpion Files Scorpions 2,217 0
The White-Files: Taxonomic checklist of the world’s whiteflies (Insecta: Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) Whiteflies 1,562 0
The World List of Cycads: The World List of Cycads, online edition Cycads 355 0
ThripsWiki: ThripsWiki - providing information on the World's thrips Thrips 6,222 165
TicksBase Ticks 867 0
Tineidae NHM: Tineidae NHM: Global taxonomic database of Tineidae (Lepidoptera) Clothes-moths 2,443 0
TITAN: Cerambycidae database Longhorn beetles, timber beetles 33,954 0
Trichomycetes: Trichomycetes – Fungi Associated with Arthropods Fungi associated with Arthropods 385 0
UCD: Universal Chalcidoidea Database Chalcidoid wasps 19,846 0
WCSP: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families 116 families of seed plants 120,291 0
World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World Ferns and fern-allies 13,219 0
World Plants: World Plants: Synonymic Checklists of the Vascular Plants of the World 310 families of flowering plants 181,636 0
WoRMS Amphipoda: World Amphipoda Database Amphipods 10,144 20
WoRMS Antipatharia: World List of Antipatharia 267 0
WoRMS Appendicularia: World List of Appendicularia Pelagic tunicates 68 0
WoRMS Ascidiacea: Ascidiacea World Database Ascidians, sea squirts 2,925 0
WoRMS Asteroidea: World Asteroidea Database Starfish or sea stars 1,895 40
WoRMS Bochusacea: World List of Bochusacea 6 0
WoRMS Brachypoda: World List of Brachypoda Brachypods 12 0
WoRMS Brachyura: World List of marine Brachyura Crabs 7,402 2
WoRMS Bryozoa: World List of Bryozoa Bryozoans, moss animals 5,434 177
WoRMS Cephalochordata: World List of Cephalochordata Lancelets 30 0
WoRMS Ceriantharia: World list of Ceriantharia Tube-dwelling anemones 136 0
WoRMS Cestoda: World List of Cestoda Tapeworms 1,940 0
WoRMS Chaetognatha: World List of Chaetognatha Arrow worms 132 0
WoRMS Copepoda: World of Copepods database Copepods 14,737 2
WoRMS Corallimorpharia: World List of Corallimorpharia 48 0
WoRMS Ctenophora: Phylum Ctenophora, a list of all valid species names harvested from the Internet between 1998 - pres Comb jellies, sea walnuts 200 11
WoRMS Cubozoa: World list of Cubozoa Box jellyfishes, sea wasps 47 0
WoRMS Cumacea: World Cumacea Database Cumaceans or hooded shrimps 1,734 0
WoRMS Echinoidea: World Echinoidea Database Sea urchins 1,014 3,136
WoRMS Foraminifera: World Foraminifera Database Foraminifers 9,076 0
WoRMS Gastrotricha: World Gastrotricha Database Gastrotrichs or hairy backs 852 0
WoRMS Gnathostomulida: World List of Gnathostomulida Gnathostomulids or jaw worms 100 0
WoRMS Hexacoral: Hexacorallians (Actiniaria) of the World Sea anemones, tube anemones, hard corals, black corals 1,138 0
WoRMS Holothuroidea: World List of Holothuroidea Sea cucumbers 1,742 42
WoRMS Hydrozoa: World Hydrozoa Database Hydroids 3,730 32
WoRMS Isopoda: World Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Isopod Crustaceans database Pillbugs, slaters and woodlice 10,377 34
WoRMS Kinorhyncha: World List of Kinorhyncha Mud dragons 188 0
WoRMS Leptostraca: World List of Leptostraca Leptostraca 60 2
WoRMS Loricifera: World list of Loricifera Loriciferans 27 0
WoRMS Merostomata: World List of Merostomata Horseshoe crabs 4 0
WoRMS MilliBase: MilliBase Diplopods, pauropods and symphylans 15,825 12
WoRMS Mollusca: MolluscaBase Marine molluscs 65,455 12,495
WoRMS Monogenea: World List of Monogenea Monogenean flatworms 4,995 1
WoRMS Mystacocarida: World List of Mystacocarida Mystacocarids 13 0
WoRMS Myxozoa: World list of Myxozoa Myxozoans 194 0
WoRMS Nemertea: World Nemertea Database Ribbon worms 1,371 2
WoRMS Octocorallia: World List of Octocorallia Soft corals, blue coral, sea pens and gorgonians 3,643 4
WoRMS Oligochaeta: World List of Marine Oligochaeta Earthworms, oligochaetes 1,992 0
WoRMS Ophiuroidea: World Ophiuroidea database Brittle stars and basket stars 2,090 289
WoRMS Orthonectida: World List of Orthonectida Orthonectids 25 0
WoRMS Ostracoda: World Ostracoda Database Ostracods 6,307 0
WoRMS Placozoa: World Placozoa Database Placozoans or pancake animals 2 0
WoRMS Polychaeta: World Polychaeta database Bristle worms 11,765 505
WoRMS Polycystina: World List of Polycystina (Radiolaria) Polycystines (radiolarian protists) 417 0
WoRMS Porifera: World Porifera Database Sponges 9,092 34
WoRMS Priapulida: World List of Priapulida Priapulid worms or penis worms 22 0
WoRMS PycnoBase: World Pycnogonida Database Sea spiders 1,344 10
WoRMS Remipedia: World Remipedia Database Remipedes 29 0
WoRMS Rhombozoa: World List of Rhombozoa Rhombozoans 122 0
WoRMS Scleractinia: World List of Scleractinia 1,609 388
WoRMS Scyphozoa: World list of Scyphozoa Jellyfishes 194 0
WoRMS Staurozoa: World list of Staurozoa Stalked jellyfishes 50 0
WoRMS Tanaidacea: World List of Tanaidacea Tanaids 1,413 22
WoRMS Tantulocarida: World List of Tantulocarida Tantulocaridans 38 0
WoRMS Thaliacea: World list of Thaliacea Thaliaceans 78 0
WoRMS Thermosbaenacea: World List of Thermosbaenacea Hot-springs shrimps 38 0
WoRMS Trematoda: World List of Trematoda Flukes 5,975 0
WoRMS Turbellarians: World List of turbellarian worms (Acoelomorpha, Catenulida, Rhabditophora) 6,155 3
WoRMS Xenoturbellida: World List of Xenoturbellida Xenoturbellids 6 0
WoRMS Zoantharia: World List of Zoantharia 288 0
WSC: World Spider Catalog Spiders 47,391 0
WTaxa: Electronic Catalogue of Weevil names (Curculionoidea) Weevils 84,512 0
WWW: World Wide Wattle Wattles, thorntrees, acacias 1,476 0
Xylariaceae: Home of the Xylariaceae Fungi associated with dead wood 2,071 0
ZOBODAT Vespoidea: Zoological-Botanical Database (Vespoidea) Vespid wasps 6,202 0
Zygomycetes Pin moulds and related fungi 1,079 0