Full name: Global Butterfly Information System UPDATED!
Short name: GloBIS (GART)
Version: Sep 2013
Release date: 2013-09-01
Authors/editors: Häuser C., Holstein J., Kroupa A.S., Steiner A. & Turiault M. (eds)
Taxonomic coverage: Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Lepidoptera - Lycaenidae (new), Papilionidae, Pieridae
English name of the group: Hairstreaks, blues, coppers, swallowtails and whites
Number of species: 8,101
Number of infraspecific taxa: 3,771
Number of synonyms: 4,414
Number of common names: 753
Total number of names: 17,039
Abstract: The GloBIS/GART database provides the taxonomic backbone for a global information system on butterflies. In addition to the data presented in the Catalogue of Life, the original GloBIS/GART database provides information about the type material such as type locality, status and current location of the type specimens and images, as well as the original and current taxonomic placement. Currently data for the families Papilionidae or "Swallowtails" (553 recognized species, more than 2,100 subordinate taxa), Pieridae or "Whites" (1,108 recognized species, more than 700 subordinate taxa), and Lycaenidae or "Hairstreaks, Blues, and Coppers" (10,879 entered species names, more than 2,000 subordinate taxa) are available, and other butterfly groups to follow.
Organization: Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz Institute for Research on Evolution and Biodiversity
Website: http://www.globis.insects-online.de/