Full name: Selected Caryophyllales databases NEW!
Short name: SCaDs
Version: Oct 2013
Release date: 2013-10-13
Authors/editors: Sitko M., Culham A., Braczkowski Z. & Sitko G. (eds)
Taxonomic coverage: Plantae - Tracheophyta - Magnoliopsida - Caryophyllales - Ancistrocladaceae, Asteropeiaceae, Barbeuiaceae, Basellaceae, Didiereaceae, Frankeniaceae, Gisekiaceae, , Lophiocarpaceae, Molluginaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Physenaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Stegnospermataceae
English name of the group: 14 Caryophyllales families
Number of species: 2,439
Number of infraspecific taxa: 168
Number of synonyms: 1,536
Number of common names: 0
Total number of names: 4,143
Abstract: ScaDS is a research database of names of selected families from order Caryophyllales including infraspecific ranks and synonyms. The database has been compiled to guide nomenclatural, phylogenetic and distributional research into the families. Work on the database is in progress and not all names and synonyms are currently included.
Organization: The University of Reading, Reading, UK
Website: -