Full name: Coreoidea Species File
Short name: CoreoideaSF
Version: 1.1/4.1, Feb 2013
Release date: 2013-02-08
Authors/editors: Livermore L.J.R., Lemaître V.A., Dolling W.R. & Webb M.D.
Taxonomic coverage: Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Hemiptera - Coreoidea
English name of the group: Leatherbugs
Number of species: 3,054
Number of infraspecific taxa: 144
Number of synonyms: 487
Number of common names: 58
Total number of names: 3,743
Abstract: The Coreoidea Species File website and database contains taxonomic and other information about all the leatherbugs of the world. It is under continual development as more specimen data and images are added; presently, most names are included. A companion catalogue of the World Coreidae and Alydidae with more complete bibliographic references has been submitted to Zootaxa for publication.
Organization: The Natural History Museum, London, UK
Website: http://Coreoidea.SpeciesFile.org