Full name: Melastomataceae.Net
Short name: MELnet
Version: Mar 2012
Release date: 2012-03-05
Authors/editors: Renner S.S. (lead editor), Triebel D. (information technology), Almeda F., Goldenberg R., Mendoza Cifuentes H., Michelangeli F.A., Penneys D., Stone D. & Ulloa C.
Taxonomic coverage: Plantae - Tracheophyta - Magnoliopsida - Myrtales - Melastomataceae
English name of the group: Melastomes
Number of species: 4,743
Number of infraspecific taxa: 153
Number of synonyms: 4,881
Number of common names: 0
Total number of names: 9,777
Abstract: The family Melastomataceae comprises an estimated 3,000 "good" species in the Neotropics, 240 in Africa, 230 on Madagascar, and about 1,000 in Asia. One genus, Rhexia, is endemic in North America. Memecylaceae, the sister clade of Melastomataceae, comprises 500 mostly Paleotropic species. The database gives information on recognized species, synonymous names, and literature.
Organization: Botanische Staatssammlung München, Germany; California Academy of Sciences, USA; Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt, Colombia; Universidade Federal do Paraná – herbarium UPCB, Brazil; New York Botanical Garden, USA; M
Website: http://www.botanischestaatssammlung.de:8080/