Accepted scientific name:
Stegohornera violacea (M. Sars, 1863) (accepted name) 3 literature references for Stegohornera violacea (M. Sars, 1863)
Synonyms: -
Common names: -
Phylum Bryozoa
Class Stenolaemata
Order Cyclostomatida
Family Stigmatoechidae
Genus Stegohornera
Distribution: European waters (ERMS scope); North West Atlantic; Gulf of Maine
Additional data: Diet: small microorganisms, including diatoms and other unicellualr algae
Reproduction: sexual and asexual; bryozoan colonies consist of replicated series of zooids, each budded asexually from a predecessor. The founding zooid metamorphoses from the sexually produced larva. Hermaphroditic.
Predators: grazing organisms such as sea urchins and fish; also subject to competition and overgrowth from sponges, algae, and tunicates
Distribution: Gulf of St. Lawrence (unspecified region)
Habitat: circalittoral of the Gulf and estuary
remark: pale violet when living
Dimensions: up to 40 mm tall
Source database: WoRMS Bryozoa, Dec 2010
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Gordon, D., 01-Feb-2005
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