Accepted scientific name:
Micrurus diastema DUMÉRIL, BIBRON & DUMÉRIL 1854 (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Micrurus diastema DUMÉRIL, BIBRON & DUMÉRIL 1854
Synonyms: -
Infraspecific taxon: Micrurus diastema affinis (JAN 1858)
Micrurus diastema aglaeope (COPE, 1859)
Micrurus diastema alienus (Werner, 1903)
Micrurus diastema apiatus (JAN 1858)
Micrurus diastema diastema (DUMÉRIL, BIBRON & DUMÉRIL, 1854)
Micrurus diastema macdougalli ROZE 1967
Micrurus diastema sapperi (WERNER 1903)
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Variable Coral Snake - -
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Elapidae
Genus Micrurus
Distribution: S Mexico (Veracruz, Oaxaca, Yucatan, Chiapas), Belize, Guatemala, Honduras diastema: C Veracruz to W Tabasco aglaeope: NW Honduras alienus: N Yucatán peninsula including Yucatán and NE Quintana Roo affinis: Atlantic versant of N Oaxaca apiatus: Atlantic
Additional data: Color plate 76 in VILLA et al. 1988. This species is highly variable and some authors therefore question the validity of several of the subspecies (CAMPBELL & LAMAR 1989: 106; FRASER 1973). Synonymy and subspecies partly after PETERS & OREJAS-MIRANDA 1970. Micrurus diastema bernadi is listed here as valid species. Micrurus diastema alienus has been synonymized with M. diastema sapperi by some authors (fide STAFFORD 2000). Micrurus diastema affinis (JAN 1858) is listed as separate subspecies by WELCH 1994). A photo of M. d. sapperi is shown in SMITH & CHISZAR (2001). Venomous! Micrurus diastema is mimicked by Lampropeltis triangulum, Ninia sebae, Clelia scytalina (juvenile), Geophis juliai, Geophis semidoliatus, Oxyrhopus petola, Pliocercus wilmarai, Scaphiodontophis annulatus, and Pliocercus elapoides (TORRE-LORANCA et al. 2006).
Source database: TIGR Reptiles, Oct 2007
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Uetz P.,
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