You selected Eremias nitida GÜNTHER 1872. This is a synonym for:

Accepted scientific name:
Heliobolus nitida GÜNTHER 1872 (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Heliobolus nitida GÜNTHER 1872
Eremias nitida GÜNTHER 1872 (synonym) 1 literature reference for Eremias nitida GÜNTHER 1872
Heliobolus nitidus CHIRIO 2006 (synonym) 1 literature reference for Heliobolus nitidus CHIRIO 2006
Infraspecific taxon: Heliobolus nitida garambensis (Schmidt, 1919)
Heliobolus nitida nitida (Günther, 1872)
Heliobolus nitida quadrinasalis (CHABANAUD, 1918)
Common names: -
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Lacertidae
Genus Heliobolus
Distribution: N Nigeria, Togo, Benin, N Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, Cameroon (garambensis; fide Monard 1951)
Additional data: -
Source database: TIGR Reptiles, Oct 2007
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Uetz P.,
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