Full name: Moss Bug Base NEW!
Short name: MBB
Version: 1.0, Sep 2009
Release date: 2009-10-22
Authors/editors: D. Burckhardt
Taxonomic coverage: Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Hemiptera - Peloridiidae
English name of the group: Moss bugs
Number of species: 32
Number of infraspecific taxa: 0
Number of synonyms: 17
Number of common names: 0
Total number of names: 49
Abstract: Moss Bug Base is a taxonomic database of extant and fossil taxa of suborder Coleorrhyncha. It contains information on taxonomy (accepted names and synonyms), nomenclature, bibliography and distribution as basis for further studies on these insects. It is intended to add information on host relationships for extant taxa and on stratigraphy for fossil taxa in future releases.
Organization: Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel, Switzerland
Website: http://rameau.snv.jussieu.fr/cgi-bin/coleorrhyncha.pl