Full name: Mantodea Species File Online
Short name: MSF
Version: 1.0/3.4, Oct 2008
Release date: 2008-10-16
Authors/editors: D. Otte & M. Stiewe
Taxonomic coverage: Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Mantodea
English name of the group: Praying mantids
Number of species: 2,373
Number of infraspecific taxa: 168
Number of synonyms: 533
Number of common names: 0
Total number of names: 3,074
Abstract: The Mantodea Species File (MSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's praying mantids (Order Mantodea), both of fossil and living species. It has full synonymic and taxonomic information for over 2,400 valid species and provides many images of specimens deposited in museums worldwide, as well as pictures of living praying mantids in the wild and in captivity.
Organization: Mantodea Species File Online
Website: http://mantodea.speciesfile.org