Full name: Conifer Database
Short name: Conifer Database
Version: Jun 2008
Release date: 2008-06-05
Authors/editors: A. Farjon
Taxonomic coverage: Plantae - Pinophyta
English name of the group: Conifers
Number of species: 631
Number of infraspecific taxa: 302
Number of synonyms: 3,420
Number of common names: 1,346
Total number of names: 5,699
Abstract: The Conifer database is a taxonomic and specimen database of all 631 species of conifers in the world based on herbarium specimens from many herbaria. The database has been compiled primarily as a tool for taxonomic revisions and to produce checklists and new handbook of Conifers. Work on the database is in progress.
Organization: Individual custodian
Website: -