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BioSystematic Database of World Diptera

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11, Dec 2008

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February 6th, 2009


NL Evenhuis, T Pape, AC Pont & FC Thompson (eds); T Pape (custodian)

Taxonomic coverage:

Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Diptera

Number of species names:

135,505 accepted names; 70,831 synonyms

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0 accepted names; 0 synonyms

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The Biosystematics Database of World Diptera (BDWD) provides a comprehensive portal to knowledge about dipterans as well as a framework to organize and integrate future data and knowledge. More than 150,000 species of Diptera have been described under >250,000 names. We have only begun to properly document these names, and we will undoubtedly discover many more. The BDWD provides a synonymic checklist to enable the user to find the correct name for each dipteran. A species database and web-portal are also available along with full documentation at the Diptera website.


Department of Entomology, Bishop Museum, Honolulu Hawaii, USA; Zoological Museum, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark; Oxford Museum of Natural History, Oxford, UK; Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA

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