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Trichomycetes database

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Sep 2006

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September 3rd, 2006


RW Lichtwardt

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Fungi - Zygomycota - Trichomycetes

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263 accepted names; 70 synonyms

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2 accepted names; 2 synonyms

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The trichomycetes (Fungi, class Trichomycetes plus ecologically related protozoans) are a cosmopolitan group of organisms that grow obligately in the guts of insects, crustaceans and millipedes that live in freshwater, marine or terrestrial habitats. Many trichomycetes appear to be commensalistic, but under particular circumstances they may provide their hosts with some essential organic nutrients. Some are known to produce cysts in the ovaries of adult females hosts which, in addition to sterilizing the host, serve as a mechanism of dispersal.


University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA

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