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Rotifera Database - Beta version

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Jan 2007

Release date:

January 31st, 2007


H Segers

Taxonomic coverage:

Animalia - Rotifera

Number of species names:

1,983 accepted names; 617 synonyms

Number of infraspecies names:

251 accepted names; 121 synonyms

Number of common names:


Total number of names:



A taxonomic database of accepted and the most commonly used synonyms in the phylum Rotifera with information on biogeography. The database was prepared under the Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment project. The beta version supplied for the 2008 Catalogue of Life is still a preliminary version that contains some errors. A more complete and updated print version, has been published in the journal Zootaxa, and can be freely downloaded from or, directly from Users are urged to use and cite this printed version.


Belgian Biodiversity Platform, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

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