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Full name:

World Biodiversity Database (Euphausiacea)

Short name:

ETI WBD (Euphausiacea)


2.1, Nov 2002

Release date:

November 27th, 2002


E Brinton, MD Ohman, AW Townsend, MD Knight & AL Bridgeman (eds of Euphausiacea)

Taxonomic coverage:

Animalia - Arthropoda - Malacostraca - Euphausiacea

Number of species names:

86 accepted names; 0 synonyms

Number of infraspecies names:

0 accepted names; 0 synonyms

Number of common names:


Total number of names:



ETI is a non-governmental organization in operational relation with UNESCO, dedicated to improving on a global scale the quantity, quality and accessibility of taxonomic information. The ‘Euphausiids of the World Ocean’ database covers all 86 species of the order Euphausiacea (krill) in the oceans, and was produced at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It is part of ETI’s World Biodiversity Database. The full database is published on CD-ROM (ISBN 3-540-14673-3), and includes a fully illustrated multiple-entry key, a picture key, interactive distribution maps, and a special database treating larval development for most species.


ETI BioInformatics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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