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Bacteriology Insight Orienting System

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Dec 2006

Release date:

August 1st, 2004


J Shimura, K Hiraki & GM Garrity (eds)

Taxonomic coverage:

Bacteria & Archaea

Number of species names:

6,590 accepted names; 1,092 synonyms

Number of infraspecies names:

384 accepted names; 91 synonyms

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Total number of names:



BIOS contains data on 8,242 validly published species and subspecies and 2,000 higher taxa of the world’s Bacteria, Archaea and Cyanobacteria. BIOS contributes only the Bacteria and Archaea to the Catalogue of Life this year. Besides taxonomic and strain data, BIOS contains links to further information in the NamesforLife prototype. The BIOS system was developed by a team based at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan) and is part of a collaborative effort that includes contributions by J Euzéby and B Tindall. The taxonomy is based on Release 7.4 of the nomenclatural taxonomy of GM Garrity, TG Lilburn and JR Cole.


National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan

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