The Catalogue of Life partnership thanks all who contributed to the content and production of this Annual Checklist. In particular, thanks to Species 2000 Asia-Oceania, Species 2000 europa, NBII, GBIF, University of Reading (Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics), European Commission (EC EDIT NoE), WorldFish Center (SeaLifeBase project), NIES, ETI BioInformatics, Encyclopedia of Life and Consortium for the Bar Code of Life. Thanks also go to Paul Klinkenberg, ETI BioInformatics for the cover design, to Peter Brewer, Reading and to Eli Agbayani, WorldFish Center for supporting the online development database.

We would like to acknowledge all the people from the GSD community who provide us valuable support in data export and transformation: Anton GŁntsch, Angel Anta, Johannes Goll, Richard Flood, Bart Vanhoorne, Silvia Lusa, Antonella Linguanti, Rosario Dioguardi and Sergey Jezniakowsky.



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