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You selected Gymnothorax funebris (non Ranzani, 1840). This is a misapplied name for:

Accepted scientific name:

Gymnothorax vicinus (Castelnau, 1855) (accepted name)


Gymnothorax cyanopunctatus Howell Rivero, 1932 (synonym)

Gymnothorax obscuratus Poey, 1870 (synonym)

Gymnothorax virescens Poey, 1876 (synonym)

Murenophis vicina Castelnau, 1855 (synonym)

Thyrsoidea cancellata (non Richardson, 1848) (misapplied name)

Thyrsoidea marginata Kaup, 1860 (ambiguous synonym)

Thyrsoidea cormura Kaup, 1860 (synonym)

Thyrsoidea maculipinnis (non Kaup, 1856) (misapplied name)

Muraena maculipinnis (non Kaup, 1856) (misapplied name)

Gymnothorax versipunctatus Poey, 1876 (synonym)

Leptocephalus forstromi Strömman, 1896 (synonym)

Gymnothorax funebris (non Ranzani, 1840) (misapplied name)

Lycodontis afer (non Bloch, 1795) (misapplied name)

Lycodontis mareii (non Poll, 1953) (misapplied name)

Lycodontis vicinus (Castelnau, 1855) (synonym)

Common names:

Amoréia Portuguese

Brown conger English

Brown moray English

Congo English, Spanish

Congrio amarillo Spanish

Culebra Papiamento, Spanish

Deepwater conger English

Dusky-mouthed moray English

Dusky-mouthed moray eel English

Kulebra Papiamento

Moreão-amarelo Portuguese

Moréia Creole, Portuguese, Portuguese

Moréia-amarela Portuguese

Morena Catalan, Italian, Spanish

Morena amarilla Spanish

Morena de boca púrpura Spanish

Morena obscura Spanish

Murena brunatna Polish

Murène jaune French

Purplemouth moray English

Purple-mouthed moray eel English



Phylum Chordata

Class Actinopterygii

Order Anguilliformes

Family Muraenidae

Genus Gymnothorax


Western Atlantic: Bermuda, southern Florida (USA), and the Bahamas to Brazil; including the Caribbean and northern South America (Ref. 3255). Eastern Gulf of Mexico, throughout Caribbean (Ref. 26938). Eastern Atlantic: Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and islands of Bay of Biafra (Ref. 4450).

Additional data:

Family: Moray eels; Biology: A benthic and solitary species (Ref. 26340) inhabiting rocky shores and reefs where water is clear. Most active at night (Ref. 9710). Marketed fresh (Ref. 5217). May cause serious wounds (Ref. 5217). Traded as an aquarium fish at Ceará, Brazil (Ref. 49392).

Source database:

FishBase, Oct 2005

Latest taxonomic scrutiny:

September 20th, 2005

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