Annual Checklist Archive

The following downloads will enable installation of the Catalogue of life database, webserver and software (ie the search and browse interface) to your local machine. Select the operating system and version of the catalogue you require..

Please note the 2012 Catalogue of Life is available on DVD ROM only: To request this please complete the online form.

Year MS Windows Installer MS Windows USB flash drive Apple MacOSX Installer For Linux
2015 Download Download Download
2014 Download Download Download
2013 Download Download Download
2011 Download Download Download Download
2010 Download Download
MS Windows CD ISO Image
2009 Download
2008 Download
2007 Download
2006 Download
2005 Download
2004 Download
2003 Download
Disk 1 Disk 1
2002 Download
Disk 1 Disk 1
2000 Download

Installation instructions

CD Image

  1. Download the CD image
  2. Make sure you have CD image burning software on your PC. There are a few freeware utilities like ImgBurn or BurnCDCC that can be used for this.
  3. Insert a blank CD. Select "Do nothing" or "Cancel" if autorun dialog pops up.
  4. Burn the CD. If you installed ImgBurn, right click on the ISO image you downloaded and select "Burn with ImgBurn".
  5. Click the "Write Disk" button and wait for the CD to finish burning.
  6. Launch setup from the CD and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Annual Checklist.

USB flash drive

  1. Download the ZIP archive named (~700MB)
  2. Insert empty USB flash drive. Make sure that it has 3 GB of free space available.
  3. Extract contents of the and move them into root of the USB flash drive. After this there should be 2 items on your flash drive: file autorun.inf and directory AC e.g. E:\autorun and E:\AC.
  4. Safely remove the USB drive.
  5. Insert the USB drive. Autostart windows will appear where you will be presented an option to run the Annual Checklist directly from the USB drive. You can launch the application if you doubleclick an icon of the inserted USB drive or right-click it and select CoL2010 from the menu.

For Linux

  1. Extract tar gz archive and follow installation instructions provided in the INSTALL.txt file

Apple MacOSX Installer

  1. Mount DMG image you downloaded and follow instructions provided in INSTAL.txt file