Species Details : Minibiotus continuus Pilato and Lisi, 2006

Accepted scientific name:
Minibiotus continuus Pilato and Lisi, 2006 (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Minibiotus continuus  Pilato and Lisi, 2006
Synonyms: -
Common names: -
Kingdom Animalia CoL
Phylum Tardigrada ITIS Global
Class Eutardigrada ITIS Global
Order Parachela ITIS Global
Family Macrobiotidae ITIS Global
Genus Minibiotus ITIS Global
Distribution: Middle America
Environment: -
Additional data: -
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: 28-Nov-2006
Source database: ITIS Global, Jun 2017   99%
Bibliographic citation: Tom Orrell (custodian), Dave Nicolson (ed). (2019). ITIS Global: The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (version Jun 2017). In: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2019 Annual Checklist (Roskov Y., Ower G., Orrell T., Nicolson D., Bailly N., Kirk P.M., Bourgoin T., DeWalt R.E., Decock W., Nieukerken E. van, Zarucchi J., Penev L., eds.). Digital resource at www.catalogueoflife.org/annual-checklist/2019. Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. ISSN 2405-884X.
Online resource: http://www.itis.gov/servlet/SingleRpt/SingleRpt?search_topic=TSN&search_value=711172
Conversion date: 2019-05-01 01:30:40