Infraspecific Taxon Details : Pekania pennanti pennanti (Erxleben, 1777)

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Accepted scientific name:
Pekania pennanti pennanti (Erxleben, 1777) (accepted name)
Martes pennanti (Erxleben, 1777) (synonym)
Martes pennanti pennanti (Erxleben, 1777) (synonym)
Mustela canadensis Schreber, 1777 (synonym)
Mustela canadensis alba Richardson, 1829 (synonym)
Mustela godmani Fischer, 1829 (synonym)
Mustela melanorhyncha Boddaert, 1784 (synonym)
Mustela nigra Turton, 1802 (synonym)
Mustela pennanti Erxleben, 1777 (synonym)
Viverra piscator Shaw, 1800 (synonym)
Common names: -
Kingdom Animalia CoL
Phylum Chordata CoL
Class Mammalia ITIS CoLDP
Order Carnivora ITIS CoLDP
Family Mustelidae ITIS CoLDP
Genus Pekania ITIS CoLDP
Species Pekania pennanti ITIS CoLDP
Distribution: North America
Environment: -
Additional data: -
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: 2018-11-27
Source database: ITIS CoLDP, 28-Jul-2020   100%
Bibliographic citation: (2020). ITIS CoLDP: The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (version 28-Jul-2020). In: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2020-09-01 Beta (Roskov Y.; Ower G.; Orrell T.; Nicolson D.; Bailly N.; Kirk P.M.; Bourgoin T.; DeWalt R.E.; Decock W.; Nieukerken E. van; Penev L.; eds.). Digital resource at Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. ISSN 2405-8858.
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