Database Details : A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes

Full name: A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes
Short name: LIAS
Version: Dec 2015
Release date: 2015-12-01
Authors/editors: Rambold G. (lead editor; for detailed information see and
Taxonomic coverage: Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Lichenotheliales - Lichenotheliaceae - Lichenothelia
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Hysteriales - Hysteriaceae - Aspidothelium
Fungi - Ascomycota - Arthoniomycetes, Lichinomycetes, Aphanopsidaceae, Microcaliciaceae, Coniocybaceae
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Eremomycetaceae - Pyrenothrix
Fungi - Ascomycota - Lecanoromycetes - Acarosporales, Agyriales, Baeomycetales, Candelariales, Lecanorales, Arctomiaceae, Arthrorhaphidaceae, Brigantiaeaceae, Cameroniaceae, Elixiaceae, Fuscideaceae, Hymeneliaceae, Lecideaceae, Stenhammarella, Bilimbia, Roccellinastrum, Botryolepraria, Leprocaulon, Biatoridium, Bryobilimbia, Protothelenellaceae, Rhizocarpaceae, Ropalosporaceae, Sarrameanaceae, Schaereriaceae, Sporastatiaceae, Thelenellaceae, Ostropales, Peltigerales, Pertusariales, Teloschistales, Umbilicariales
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Arthopyreniaceae, Dacampiaceae, Naetrocymbaceae
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Trypetheliales - Trypetheliaceae
Fungi - Ascomycota - Leotiomycetes - Thelocarpaceae, Vezdaeaceae
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Microthyriales - Microthyriaceae - Racodium, Cyrtidula
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Myriangiales - Myriangiaceae - Microtheliopsis
Fungi - Ascomycota - Sordariomycetes - Obryzaceae
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Superstratomycetales - Superstratomycetaceae
Fungi - Ascomycota - Eurotiomycetes - Pyrenulales, Verrucariales, Mycocaliciales
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Microthyriales - Kirschsteiniothelia
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Collemopsidiales - Xanthopyreniaceae - Collemopsidium, Pyrenocollema
Fungi - Ascomycota - Dothideomycetes - Strigulales - Strigulaceae
English name of the group: Lichens
Number of living species 0
Number of living infraspecific taxa 0
Number of extinct species: 0
Number of extinct infraspecific taxa: 0
Number of synonyms: 0
Number of common names: 0
Total number of names: 0
Abstract: LIAS is a multi-authored information system for the collection and distribution of descriptive and other biodiversity data on lichens and selected groups of non-lichenized ascomycetes. LIAS is a long-term designed project with the final goal to comprise global data – estimates for the total number of lichen species worldwide range between 13.500 and 20.000. As GSD for Lichens LIAS is delivering combined data from LIAS light at and LIAS names at
Organization: LIAS; Botanische Staatssammlung München; Germany
Bibliographic citation: Rambold G. (lead editor; for detailed information see and (2020). LIAS: A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes (version Dec 2015). In: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2020-04-16 Beta (Roskov Y.; Ower G.; Orrell T.; Nicolson D.; Bailly N.; Kirk P.M.; Bourgoin T.; DeWalt R.E.; Decock W.; Nieukerken E. van; Penev L.; eds.). Digital resource at Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. ISSN 2405-8858.