Species Details : Phytoseius betsiboka Blommers, 1976

Accepted scientific name:
Phytoseius betsiboka Blommers, 1976 (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Phytoseius betsiboka  Blommers, 1976
Synonyms: -
Common names: -
Kingdom Animalia CoL
Phylum Arthropoda CoL
Class Arachnida CoL
Order Mesostigmata CoL
Superfamily Phytoseioidea CoL
Family Phytoseiidae PhytoseiidBase
Genus Phytoseius PhytoseiidBase
Distribution: -
Environment: -
Additional data: -
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Chant, D.A. and McMurtry, J.A., 2007
Source database: PhytoseiidBase, Sep 2009  
Bibliographic citation: Castilho R.C., Narita J.P.Z., Moraes G.J. de & McMurtry J.A. (2019). Mites GSDs: PhytoseiidBase (version Sep 2009). In: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2019 Annual Checklist (Roskov Y., Ower G., Orrell T., Nicolson D., Bailly N., Kirk P.M., Bourgoin T., DeWalt R.E., Decock W., Nieukerken E. van, Zarucchi J., Penev L., eds.). Digital resource at www.catalogueoflife.org/annual-checklist/2019. Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. ISSN 2405-884X.
Online resource: http://www.lea.esalq.usp.br/phytoseiidae/E_Species.php?esp=1422
Conversion date: 2019-05-01 01:30:46