Species Details : Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758

Accepted scientific name:
Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758 (accepted name) 6 literature references for Canis lupus  Linnaeus, 1758
Synonyms: -
Infraspecific taxon: Canis lupus albus Kerr, 1792
Canis lupus alces Goldman, 1941
Canis lupus arabs Pocock, 1934
Canis lupus arctos Pocock, 1935
Canis lupus baileyi Nelson and Goldman, 1929
Canis lupus beothucus G. M. Allen and Barbour, 1937
Canis lupus bernardi Anderson, 1943
Canis lupus campestris Dwigubski, 1804
Canis lupus chanco Gray, 1863
Canis lupus columbianus Goldman, 1941
Canis lupus crassodon Hall, 1932
Canis lupus dingo Meyer, 1793
Canis lupus familiaris Linnaeus, 1758
Canis lupus filchneri (Matschie, 1907)
Canis lupus floridanus Miller, 1912
Canis lupus fuscus Richardson, 1839
Canis lupus gregoryi Goldman, 1937
Canis lupus griseoalbus Baird, 1858
Canis lupus hattai Kishida, 1931
Canis lupus hodophilax Temminck, 1839
Canis lupus hudsonicus Goldman, 1941
Canis lupus irremotus Goldman, 1937
Canis lupus labradorius Goldman, 1937
Canis lupus ligoni Goldman, 1937
Canis lupus lupus Linnaeus, 1758
Canis lupus lycaon Schreber, 1775
Canis lupus mackenzii Anderson, 1943
Canis lupus manningi Anderson, 1943
Canis lupus mogollonensis Goldman, 1937
Canis lupus monstrabilis Goldman, 1937
Canis lupus nubilus Say, 1823
Canis lupus occidentalis Richardson, 1829
Canis lupus orion Pocock, 1935
Canis lupus pallipes Sykes, 1831
Canis lupus pambasileus Elliot, 1905
Canis lupus rufus Audubon and Bachman, 1851
Canis lupus tundrarum Miller, 1912
Canis lupus youngi Goldman, 1937
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Gray Wolf English - Click here to show the literature
Wolf English - Click here to show the literature
Loup French - Click here to show the literature
Lobo gris Spanish - Click here to show the literature
Kingdom Animalia CoL
Phylum Chordata CoL
Class Mammalia ITIS Global
Order Carnivora ITIS Global
Family Canidae ITIS Global
Genus Canis ITIS Global
Distribution: Australia; Europe & Northern Asia (excluding China); Middle America; North America; Southern Asia
Environment: -
Additional data: -
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Wozencraft W.C., 20-Nov-2015
Source database: ITIS Global, Jun 2017   99%
Bibliographic citation: Tom Orrell (custodian), Dave Nicolson (ed). (2019). ITIS Global: The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (version Jun 2017). In: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2019 Annual Checklist (Roskov Y., Ower G., Orrell T., Nicolson D., Bailly N., Kirk P.M., Bourgoin T., DeWalt R.E., Decock W., Nieukerken E. van, Zarucchi J., Penev L., eds.). Digital resource at www.catalogueoflife.org/annual-checklist/2019. Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. ISSN 2405-884X.
Online resource: http://www.itis.gov/servlet/SingleRpt/SingleRpt?search_topic=TSN&search_value=180596
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