Accepted scientific name:
Petaurus breviceps Waterhouse, 1838 (accepted name) 3 literature references for Petaurus breviceps Waterhouse, 1838
Synonyms: -
Infraspecific taxon: Petaurus breviceps ariel (Gould, 1842)
Petaurus breviceps breviceps Waterhouse, 1838
Petaurus breviceps longicaudatus Longman, 1924
Petaurus breviceps papuanus Thomas, 1888
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Sugar Glider English - Click here to show the literature
Animalia CoL
Phylum Chordata CoL
Class Mammalia ITIS Global
Order Diprotodontia ITIS Global
Superfamily Petauroidea ITIS Global
Family Petauridae ITIS Global
Genus Petaurus ITIS Global
Distribution: Australia
Lifezones: -
Additional data: -
Source database: ITIS Global, Mar 2014   99%
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Groves C.P., 28-Nov-2006
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