Accepted scientific name:
Luzula indica Kirschner (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Luzula indica Kirschner
Synonyms: -
Common names: -
Plantae CoL
Phylum Tracheophyta CoL
Class Liliopsida CoL
Order Poales CoL
Family Juncaceae IOPI-GPC
Genus Luzula IOPI-GPC
Distribution: India, Indian Subcontinent, Asia-Tropical
Lifezones: -
Additional data: Endemic to the Nilgiri Hills, the Palni Hills and the Anaimalai Hills in SW India. It is not possible to characterize the species ecologically; no herbarium label data are available, except for the altitude record, about 2250 m. Map 101.
Source database: IOPI-GPC, 10.0, Aug 2007   99%
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Kirschner J., 2002
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