Accepted scientific name:
Ficus carica (accepted name)
Synonyms: -
Infraspecific taxon: Ficus carica subsp. carica L.
Ficus carica subsp. rupestris (Boiss.) Browicz
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Edible Fig - -
Feige - -
Plantae CoL
Phylum Tracheophyta CoL
Class Magnoliopsida CoL
Order Rosales CoL
Family Moraceae World Plants
Genus Ficus World Plants
Distribution: not known in the wild, Portugal (introduced), Spain (introduced), Baleares (introduced), France (introduced), Corsica (introduced), Sardinia (introduced), Malta (introduced), Sicily (introduced), Italy (introduced), Montenegro (introduced), Macedonia (introduced), Croatia (introduced), Slovenia (introduced), Bosnia-Hercegovina (introduced), Serbia (introduced), Kosovo (introduced), Albania (introduced), Bulgaria (introduced), Greece (introduced), Crete (introduced), Crimea (introduced), China (widespread (introduced)), Libya (introduced), Tunisia (introduced), Algeria (introduced), Morocco (introduced), Germany (introduced), Russia (introduced), Azerbaijan (introduced), Gruziya (introduced), Armenia (introduced), Moldavia (introduced), Ukraine (introduced), C-Asia (introduced), Ryukyu Isl. (introduced), Western Australia (introduced), Southern Australia (introduced), Java (introduced), India (introduced), Myanmar [Burma] (introduced), Vietnam (introduced), Philippines (c), Pakistan (introduced), Jammu & Kashmir (introduced), Peru (introduced), Puerto Rico (introduced), Ecuador (introduced), Galapagos (introduced), Jamaica (introduced), Belize (introduced), Haiti (introduced), Dominican Republic (introduced), Costa Rica (introduced), Guianas (introduced), Lesser Antilles (introduced) (Montserrat (introduced), Guadeloupe (introduced), Martinique (introduced), Barbados (introduced)), Trinidad (introduced), Nicaragua (introduced), Mexico (introduced), Venezuela (introduced), Brazil (introduced), trop. Africa (introduced), Fiji (introduced), Austral Isl. (introduced) (Rapa Iti (introduced)), Gambier Isl. (introduced) (Mangareva (introduced)), Marquesas Isl. (introduced), Pitcairn Isl. (introduced), Gilbert Isl. (introduced) (Abemama (introduced), Tabiteuea (introduced)), Marshall Isl. (introduced) (Jaluit (introduced)), Niue (introduced), N-Line Isl. (introduced) (Washington Isl. (introduced), Fanning Isl. (introduced)), Palau Isl. (introduced), S-Line Isl. (introduced) (Caroline Atoll (introduced)), Society Isl. (introduced) (Raiatea (introduced), Tetiaroa Atoll (introduced)), Southern Marianas (introduced) (Guam (introduced)), Tonga (introduced), Tuamotu Arch. (introduced) (Takapoto Atoll (introduced)), Wake Isl. (introduced), Mauritius (introduced), Réunion (introduced), Oman (introduced) (Mascat & Oman (introduced)), Bahrain (introduced), Iran (introduced) (EC-Iran (introduced), NE-Iran: Mts. (introduced), S-Iran (introduced), W-Iran: Mts. (introduced)), Qatar (introduced), Afghanistan (introduced), Azores (introduced) (Santa Maria Isl. (introduced), Sao Miguel Isl. (introduced), Terceira (introduced), Graciosa (introduced), Sao Jorge (introduced), Pico (introduced), Faial (introduced), Flores Isl. (introduced), Corvo Isl. (introduced)), Madeira (introduced) (Madeira Isl. (introduced), Ilhas Desertas (introduced), Porto Santo Isl. (introduced)), Canary Isl. (introduced) (Lanzarote (introduced), Fuerteventura (introduced), Gran Canaria (introduced), Teneriffa (introduced), La Gomera (introduced), Hierro (introduced), La Palma Isl. (introduced)), Cape Verde Isl. (introduced) (Santo Antao Isl. (introduced), Ilha da Boa Vista (introduced), Ilha de Sao Tiago (introduced), Fogo Isl. (introduced), Ilha Brava (introduced)), USA (introduced) (Alabama (introduced), California (introduced), District of Columbia (introduced), Florida (introduced), Georgia (introduced), Kentucky (introduced), Louisiana (introduced), Massachusetts (introduced), Maryland (introduced), Michigan (introduced), Mississippi (introduced), North Carolina (introduced), New York (introduced), Pennsylvania (introduced), South Carolina (introduced), Tennessee (introduced), Texas (introduced), Virginia (introduced))
Lifezones: -
Additional data: Binomial generated by Sp2000
Source database: World Plants, Mar 2014   100%
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