Accepted scientific name:
Cannabis sativa L. (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Cannabis sativa L.
Cannabis chinensis Del. (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis chinensis Del.
Cannabis culta Mansf. (synonym)
Cannabis erratica Sievers (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis erratica Sievers
Cannabis generalis E. H. L. Krause (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis generalis E. H. L. Krause
Cannabis gigantea Crevost (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis gigantea Crevost
Cannabis indica Lam. (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis indica Lam.
Cannabis lupulus Scop. (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis lupulus Scop.
Cannabis macrosperma Stokes (synonym) 1 literature reference for Cannabis macrosperma Stokes
Cannabis pedemontana Camp (synonym)
Cannabis sativa subsp. culta Sereb. ex Sereb. & Sizov (synonym)
Infraspecific taxon: Cannabis sativa subsp. indica (Lam.) E. Small & A. Cronquist
Cannabis sativa var. ruderalis (Janisch.) S.Z. Liou
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Hanf - -
Hemp - -
Marihuana - -
Plantae CoL
Phylum Tracheophyta CoL
Class Magnoliopsida CoL
Order Rosales CoL
Family Cannabaceae World Plants
Genus Cannabis World Plants
Distribution: Bhutan, Sikkim, India, Spain (introduced), France (introduced), Corsica (introduced), Sicily (introduced), Italy (introduced), former Yugoslavia (introduced), Bulgaria (introduced), Greece (introduced), Crimea (introduced), China, European Russia, Caucasus, Transcaucasus, W-Siberia, C-Siberia, Russian Far East, C-Asia, Mongolia, Costa Rica (introduced), Panama (introduced), Southern Australia (introduced), Queensland (introduced), New South Wales (introduced), Taiwan (introduced), Ryukyu Isl. (introduced), Java (introduced), Malesia (introduced), Thailand (introduced), Myanmar [Burma] (introduced), Philippines (introduced), Algeria (introduced), Morocco (introduced), Peru (introduced), Jamaica (introduced), Haiti (introduced), Dominican Republic (introduced), Lesser Antilles (introduced), Nicaragua (introduced), Trinidad (introduced), Mexico (introduced), South Africa (Transvaal (introduced), KwaZulu-Natal (introduced), Cape Prov. (introduced)), Lesotho (introduced), Seychelles (introduced), trop. Africa (introduced), Fiji (introduced), Mauritius (introduced), Réunion (introduced), Turkey (Inner Anatolia), European Turkey, Iran (E-Iran, N-Iran: Mts., W-Iran: Mts.), Yemen (introduced), Pakistan (introduced), Talysh, Andamans (introduced), Nicobars (introduced), Vietnam (introduced), Nepal (introduced), USA (introduced) (Alabama (introduced), Arkansas (introduced), Arizona (introduced), California (introduced), Colorado (introduced), Connecticut (introduced), District of Columbia (introduced), Delaware (introduced), Florida (introduced), Georgia (introduced), Iowa (introduced), Idaho (introduced), Illinois (introduced), Indiana (introduced), Kansas (introduced), Kentucky (introduced), Louisiana (introduced), Massachusetts (introduced), Maryland (introduced), Maine (introduced), Michigan (introduced), Minnesota (introduced), Missouri (introduced), Mississippi (introduced), Montana (introduced), North Carolina (introduced), North Dakota (introduced), Nebraska (introduced), New Hampshire (introduced), New Jersey (introduced), New Mexico (introduced), New York (introduced), Ohio (introduced), Oklahoma (introduced), Oregon (introduced), Pennsylvania (introduced), Rhode Island (introduced), South Carolina (introduced), South Dakota (introduced), Tennessee (introduced), Texas (introduced), Utah (introduced), Virginia (introduced), Vermont (introduced), Washington State (introduced), Wisconsin (introduced), West Virginia (introduced), Wyoming (introduced)), Canada (introduced) (Manitoba (introduced), New Brunswick (introduced), Nova Scotia (introduced), Ontario (introduced), Quebec (introduced), Saskatchewan (introduced))
Lifezones: -
Additional data: native area somewhat uncertain due to extensive cultivation
Source database: World Plants, Mar 2014   100%
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: -
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