Accepted scientific name:
Diselma archeri Hook. f. (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Diselma archeri Hook. f.
Fitzroya archeri (Hook. f.) Benth. & Hook. f. (synonym) 1 literature reference for Fitzroya archeri (Hook. f.) Benth. & Hook. f.
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Cheshunt pine Eng AUS Click here to show the literature
Plantae CoL
Phylum Tracheophyta CoL
Class Pinopsida Conifer Database
Order Pinales Conifer Database
Family Cupressaceae Conifer Database
Genus Diselma Conifer Database
Distribution: W Tasmania, in most highland areas but absent in the NW.
Lifezones: -
Additional data: IUCN status: LC
Source database: Conifer Database, Jul 2013   100%
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Farjon A., 2013
Online resource:
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