Full name: A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes UPDATED!
Short name: LIAS
Version: Jan 2013
Release date: 2013-01-08
Authors/editors: Rambold G. (lead editor); for detailed information see http://liaslight.lias.net/About/Impressum.html and http://liasnames.lias.net/About/Impressum.html
Taxonomic coverage: Eurotiomycetes - Pyrenulales, Verrucariales, Mycocaliciales
Dothideomycetes - Arthopyrenia, Eopyrenula, Lichenothelia, Mycoporum, Leptorhaphis, Naetrocymbe, Tomasellia, Peridiothelia, Pseudopyrenula, Cyrtidula, Cystocoleus, Kirschsteiniothelia, Mycoglaena, Racodium
Leotiomycetes - Thelocarpaceae, Vezdaeaceae
Sordariomycetes - Sarcopyrenia
English name of the group: Lichens
Number of species: 8,702
Number of infraspecific taxa: 197
Number of synonyms: 6,916
Number of common names: 1,833
Total number of names: 17,648
Abstract: LIAS is a multi-authored information system for the collection and distribution of descriptive and other biodiversity data on lichens and selected groups of non-lichenized ascomycetes. LIAS is a long-term designed project with the final goal to comprise global data – estimates for the total number of lichen species worldwide range between 13.500 and 20.000. As GSD for Lichens LIAS is delivering combined data from LIAS light at http://liaslight.lias.net and LIAS names at http://liasnames.lias.net.
Organization: LIAS, Botanische Staatssammlung München, Germany
Website: http://www.lias.net