Accepted scientific name:
Clupeonella tscharchalensis (Borodin, 1896) (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Clupeonella tscharchalensis (Borodin, 1896)
Clupea cultriventris tscharchalensis Borodin, 1896 (synonym) 1 literature reference for Clupea cultriventris tscharchalensis Borodin, 1896
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Freshwater tyulka English Russia Click here to show the literature
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Clupeiformes
Family Clupeidae
Genus Clupeonella
Distribution: Europe: Volga and Ural drainages. Has been invasive in the middle Don drainage and in the middle and upper Volga drainage, especially in River Kama.
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Source database: FishBase, Jan 2011
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