Accepted scientific name:
Schizomavella auriculata (Hassall, 1842) (accepted name) 6 literature references for Schizomavella auriculata (Hassall, 1842)
Lepralia auriculata Hassall, 1842 (synonym) 1 literature reference for Lepralia auriculata Hassall, 1842
Schizoporella auriculata (Hassal) (synonym) 2 literature references for Schizoporella auriculata (Hassal)
Infraspecific taxon: Schizomavella auriculata asymetrica (Calvet, 1927)
Schizomavella auriculata biaviculifera Canu & Bassler, 1925
Schizomavella auriculata hirsuta (Calvet, 1927)
Schizomavella auriculata inordinata Canu & Bassler, 1930
Schizomavella auriculata leontinensis (Waters, 1878)
Schizomavella auriculata leontiniensis (Waters, 1878)
Schizomavella auriculata lineata (Nordgaard, 1896)
Common names: -
Phylum Bryozoa
Class Gymnolaemata
Order Cheilostomatida
Family Bitectiporidae
Genus Schizomavella
Distribution: North West Atlantic; British Isles; Calais; Wimereux; Cobscook Bay; Westhinder; Belgian Coast; Blankenberge; Gulf of Maine
Additional data: Distribution: Gulf of St. Lawrence (unspecified region), lower North Shore, southern Gaspe waters (Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspe Bay to American, Orphan and Bradelle banks; eastern boundary: eastern Bradelle Valley), lower St. Lawrence estuary, downstream part of middle St. Lawrence estuary; Cobscook Bay
Habitat: infralittoral and circalittoral of the Gulf and estuary
Taxonomy: Family: Bitectiporidae, according to Trott (2004).
Authority: (Hassal, 1842)
Source database: WoRMS Bryozoa, Dec 2010
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Gordon, D., 01-Feb-2005
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