Accepted scientific name:
Remaster gourdoni Koehler, 1912 (accepted name) 2 literature references for Remaster gourdoni Koehler, 1912
Anareaster ganymede Fell & H.E.S. Clark, 1959 (synonym) 1 literature reference for Anareaster ganymede Fell & H.E.S. Clark, 1959
Common names: -
Phylum Echinodermata
Class Asteroidea
Order Velatida
Family Korethrasteridae
Genus Remaster
Distribution: Uruguay; Southern Ocean; Antarctic Ocean; Palmer Archipelago; Antarctic Peninsula; South Georgian and the South Sandwich Islands; Falkland Islands; Ross Sea; MacRobertson Land; Subantarctic Isles; Magellan Strait; Tierra del Fuego; Falkland Islands
Additional data: -
Source database: WoRMS Asteroidea, Dec 2010
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Mah C., 25-Oct-2008
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