Accepted scientific name:
Atractaspis micropholis GÜNTHER 1872 (accepted name) 1 literature reference for Atractaspis micropholis GÜNTHER 1872
Atractaspis corpulentus GÜNTHER 1866 (synonym) 1 literature reference for Atractaspis corpulentus GÜNTHER 1866
Atractaspis microlepidota micropholis WELCH 1994 (synonym)
Common names:
Common name Language Country
Sahelian Burrowing Asp - -
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Atractaspididae
Genus Atractaspis
Distribution: Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, Mauritania, N Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon Terra typica: not given.
Additional data: Venomous! Atractaspis micropholis corpses are boiled in water to extract fat for medical uses by people in Mali (Joger & Lambert 1996). Atractaspis watsoni BOULENGER 1908 has been revalidated to full species status. The distribtion of this species has not been corrected for this fact yet.
Source database: TIGR Reptiles, Oct 2007
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: Uetz P.,
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