2 literature references for Pulvinaria savescui Ben-Dov, 1993:

Author: Ben-Dov, Y.
Year: 1993
Title: A systematic catalogue of the soft scale insects of the world (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Coccidae) with data on geographical distribution, host plants, biology and economic importance. Flora & Fauna Handbook, No. 9.
Author: Savescu, A.D.
Year: 1983
Title: Espèces de coccoidées nouvelles pour la science signalées en Roumanie. I. {Pulvinaria ampelopsidis} Savescu sp.n. et {Pulvinaria euonymicola} Savescu sp.n. (Homoptera - Coccidae).
Source: Bulletin de l'Academie des Sciences Agricoles et Forestieres, Bucarest