Species details

Accepted scientific name:

Araucaria bidwillii Hook. (accepted name)


Columbea bidwilli (Hook.) Carrière (synonym)

Marywildea bidwillii (Hook.) A.V. Bobrov & Melikyan (synonym)

Common name:

Bunya pine




Phylum Pinophyta


Class Pinopsida


Order Pinales


Family Araucariaceae


Genus Araucaria



Australia, Queensland. Two disjunct localities c. 1000 km apart: a larger population in southern Queensland (five main areas: Blackall Ranges west of Nambour; Bunya Mts. west of Yarraman; Brisbane River upper reaches; upper Mary River Valley; Yarraman/Blackbutt area) and two small isolated outlier populations in northern Queensland at Cannabullen Falls and Mt. Lewis; endemic to Queensland. The distribution is very similar to that of Agathis robusta, as noted by Hyland (1978) in his account of that species. In the typical, southern, form from the Bunya Mountains, the leaf apices are pungent, whereas in plants from the two northern populations at Mt. Lewis and Cannabullen Falls the leaves lack a pungent apex. No studies have so far been carried out to determine the genetic basis for this difference (Smith & Butler, 2002b). Though very small, the Mt. Lewis population is responsible for much of the detected genetic variation and thus acts as an important genetic reservoir (Pye & Gadek, 2004. Altitude range: 150-1000 m. TDWG: 50 QLD-QU

Additional data:

Conservation status: LC, Habit: Tree

Source database:

Conifer Database, Jun 2008

Latest taxonomic scrutiny:

Farjon A., 5-Jun-2008

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