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You selected Paradiplogrammus enneactis calliste (Jordan & Fowler, 1903). This is a synonym for:

Accepted scientific name:

Callionymus enneactis Bleeker, 1879 (accepted name)


Callionymus altidorsalis Wang & Ye, 1982 (synonym)

Callionymus distethommatus Fowler, 1941 (synonym)

Callionymus wilburi Herre, 1935 (synonym)

Paradiplogrammus distethommatus (Fowler, 1941) (synonym)

Paradiplogrammus enneactis (Bleeker, 1879) (synonym)

Paradiplogrammus enneactis calliste (Jordan & Fowler, 1903) (synonym)

Common names:

Hanabi-numeri Japanese

Mangrove dragonet English

Ocelled sand-dragonet English

Split-fin sand-dragonet English

九棘 Mandarin Chinese

斑鰭 Mandarin Chinese

斑鳍 Mandarin Chinese

老鼠 Mandarin Chinese




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Perciformes


Family Callionymidae


Genus Callionymus


Australia; Calamianes Islands; China; Coral Sea and GBR; Great Barrier Reef; Gulf of Thailand; Indonesia; Japan; Kimbe Bay; Micronesia,Fed.States of; Milne Bay; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Singapore; Solomon Islands; South China Sea; Taiwan; TaƱon Strait; Thailand; Viet Nam; Western Pacific: Gulf of Thailand to the Solomon Islands, north to Japan, south to northwestern Australia; Palau and Yap in Micronesia. Probably specimens from eastern Indonesia, northeastern Australia, and the Loyalty and Hawaiian islands, may also be; Yellow Sea

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FishBase, Dec 2007

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